American Black Duck

photo by Phil Swanson

Anas rubripes
L 23″ (58 cm).

Song or calls:
Males have short, weak, reedy note.  Females – similar to mallards.

Description: Body blackish-brown, face and foreneck paler.  Speculum violet and may show thin white edge.  Yellow bill. Female bill is dull green sometimes flecked with black.

Habitat: Large marshes, lakes or reservoirs. Breeds in wooded swamps.

Where in Nebraska: Rare spring migrant and fall migrant east, rare casual elsewhere. Rare casual summer visitor statewide. Rare regular winter visitor east.

Status: Appears to be a decline in numbers in Nebraska.

Fun Facts: The American Black Duck often hybridizes, interbreeds, with Mallards so there is often competition for resources.

Additional Information: Mallard-Black duck hybrids are becoming increasingly common.

American Black Duck - photo by Phil Swanson
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