Canada Goose

photo by Phil Swanson

Branta canadensis
L 25-45″ (64-114 cm).

Song or calls:
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Deep, musical “honk-a-lonk” in larger forms, a rapid, high cackle in smaller ones.

Description: Sexes similar. Adults and immatures have black head and neck, with bright, contrasting white patch on cheeks and chin; body gray; undertail coverts white.

Habitat: Migrant birds are found on large marshes, lakes or reservoirs, and nearby grain fields. Breeding is typical on prairie marshes, or sometimes on larger lakes with islands or muskrat houses.

Where in Nebraska: An abundant spring and fall migrant and common resident statewide. Locally common regular winter visitor statewide.  Large groups of Canada Geese can often be found along the Platte River and in the Rainwater Basin in early to mid-March.

Fun Facts: Canada geese are very common around lakes, usually seen in large loud honking groups.

Canada Goose chicks - photo by Phil Swanson Canada Goose - photo by Phil Swanson
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