photo by Phil Swanson

Anas querquedula
L 15 1/2″(39 cm).

Song or calls:
Courting male, wooden “geg-geg-geg” rattle.

Description: Male has bold white eyebrows, dark crown, sides are grayish-white and streaked with fine black lines. Female mottled brown with strong facial pattern of pale eyebrow and black eye line. Male has gray-blue forewing and green speculum, while female has brown forewing and green speculum. Both speculums bordered in white.

Habitat: Shallow pools and marshes with plenty of cover.

Where in Nebraska: A rare casual spring migrant in central Nebraska.

Field Notes: Old World species. Immatures and females most likely overlooked because of difficulty in identification.

Fun Facts: The Garganey forages for food in shallow water by skimming the surface rather than bobbing their heads underwater.