Long-tailed Duck

Clangula hyemalis
Male L 22″(56 cm). Female L 16″ (41 cm).

Song or calls:
Displaying male, gurgling calls sounding like “ow-owly, owly, owly.”

Description: Male looks longer because of his long central tail feathers. Variable appearence due to three annual plumages. Winter, white cap, back, and sides. Black ear patch, breast, and tail. Early summer, black head, neck, and breast. Brown back, white sides, and white patch around eye. Female mostly white with brown back. Lacks long central tail feathers.

Long-tailed Duck NE estimated range
Habitat: Migrants found on lakes, reservoirs, and larger rivers.

Where in Nebraska: Winters in coastal habitats. Rare spring and fall migrant across the state. More likely to be found in east. Probably increased in occurence after building of large reservoirs in the state.

Additional Information: Formerly called “Oldsquaw,” that common name came from courtship behavior of males, as several males display around a female while calling noisily.