Chimney Swift

photo by Phil Swanson

Chaetura pelagica
L 5 1/4″ (13 cm).

Song or calls:
Piercing “chips” or “ticks.”

Description: Sexes similar. Dark, sooty brown with the throat being somewhat paler. Small; long sickle-shaped wings; cigar-shaped body; short, stubby tail.

Behavior: Performs a rocking display where with the wings upraised, the bird rocks from side to side.

chimmey swiftHabitat: Variety of open habitats, but most common in cities where chimneys and other similar man-made structures provided roosting and nesting sites.

Where in Nebraska: Abundant spring and fall migrant and summer resident across much of the state, becoming less common in the west. Regular breeder in eastern Nebraska.

Fun Facts: Chimney Swifts are very aerial and acrobatic birds even cleaning themselves mid-flight. They will fly down slap their breast against a water source and then fly away while shaking the excess water and cleaning themselves.