Snowy Plover

photo by Phil Swanson

Charadrius alexandrinus
L 6 1/4″(16 cm).

Song or calls:
Low-pitched “krut” and soft “ku-wheet” whistle.

Description: Sexes similar except male has darker black markings. Pale gray above and white below. Incomplete breast band and eye-line. Small black patch on crown. Thin bill and feet are black. Juvenile lacks black markings.

snowy plover
Habitat: Mudflats, alkaline flats, sandy shorelines, and shallow ponds are utilized by migrants.

Where in Nebraska: Rare spring and fall migrant. Sightings in several parts of the state including in Lancaster, Antelope, Adams, Lincoln, Phelps, and Keith Counties.

Fun Facts: Snowy Plovers will often raise two broods a year and depending on the length of the breeding season will raise three broods, each with a different male.

Snowy Plover - photo by Phil Swanson 
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