Lesser Yellowlegs

photo by Phil Swanson

Tringa flavipes
L 10 1/2″(27 cm).

Song or calls:
One or two note “yew” whistle. 

Description: Sexes similar. Long bright yellow legs distinctive. Straight, thin dark bill that is shorter than Greater Yellowleg’s. Dark brown with white spotting above; white below with heavy breast and neck streaking, belly and rump clean white. In flight shows all dark primaries.

Bird Map
Habitat: Migrants can be found on ponds, marshes, creeks, mudflats, and flooded fields.

Where in Nebraska: Common spring and fall migrant across the state.

Field Notes: Usually more abundant than Greater Yellowlegs during migration.

Fun Facts: Lesser Yellowlegs swing their bills back and forth in the water to help stir up insects they eat.

Lesser Yellowlegs - photo by Phil Swanson Lesser Yellowlegs - photo by Phil Swanson
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