Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

photo by Phil Swanson

Nyctanassa violacea
L 24″ (61 cm) W 42″ (107 cm).

Song or calls:
Short “woc,” higher and less harsh than call of Black-crowned Night-Heron.

Description: Sexes similar. Adult is slate-gray; black head buffy with white cheeks, yellowish crown and plumes; thick, black bill and orangish-yellow legs. Immature birds are grayish-brown, finely speckled with white above.

Bird Map

Habitat: Occupy a variety of aquatic habitats but often found along wooded waterways, marshes and wooded shorelines of lakes and reservoirs.
Where in Nebraska: A rare regular late summer and early fall visitor in southeast Nebraska, casual elsewhere. A rare casual breeder in the southeast part of the state. Majority of observations are juveniles or immatures.

Fun Facts: They can eat whole turtles because their stomach contains an acid that will disolve turtle shells.