Rock Dove

photo by Phil Swanson

Columba livia
L 12 1/2″ (32 cm). Song or calls:
Soft “coo-cuk-cuk-cuk-coooo.”

Description: Sexes similar. The familiar city pigeon. Plumage is highly variable: from pure white to brown-red, slate black, and piebald. The most common plumage is blue or ash-gray overall, with a white rump, dark terminal band on the tail, and iridescent green and purple area on the neck.

rock dove
Habitat: Mostly found near humans in cities and farms.

Where in Nebraska: Introduced permanent resident across the state. There is a limited feral population around the bluffs and cliffs of western Nebraska.

Status: Introduced from Europe by early settlers and is now widespread and common.

Fun Facts: Baby pigeons are called squabs. Pigeon crop milk contains more protein and fat than cow or human milk.

Rock Dove - photo by Phil Swanson Rock Dove - photo by Phil Swanson
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