Bay-breasted Warbler

photo by Phil Swanson

Dendroica castanea
L 5 1/2″ (14 cm).

Song or calls:
Song is series of high-pitched double notes.

Description: Breeding male has rich chestnut crown, throat, and sides; black face; creamy patch on side of neck; buff-streaked black back; and black wings with two white wing bars. Female is much duller, and lacks chestnut markings and black face; has pale chestnut wash on sides.

Food: Usually forages well above the ground.

bay-breasted warbler
Habitat: Migrants occur in a wide variety of coniferous and deciduous forests. Favors conifers, but also found in residential plantings and shrubbery.

Where in Nebraska: Uncommon spring and fall migrant in eastern Nebraska, becoming rarer westwardly. Seen as far west as Scotts Bluff County.

Bay-breasted Warbler - photo by Phil Swanson Bay-breasted Warbler - photo by Phil Swanson
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