Philadelphia Vireo

photo by Phil Swanson

Vireo philadelphicus
L 5 1/4″ (13 cm).

Song or calls:
Song similar to Red-eyed Vireo’s, but generally slower, thinner, and higher in pitch.

Description: Sexes similar. Greenish-olive back with contrasting gray cap; variably yellowish below with whitish belly; dull grayish-olive wing bar; dull white eyebrow; and dark eye line that extends through lores. Most fall adults are completely yellow below.

Habitat: Found in open second-growth woodlands, old burned-over wooded areas and clearings, and stream or lake-side willows and alders.

Where in Nebraska: Uncommon spring and fall migrant in east, occuring west to at least Garden County. No breeding records for Nebraska.

Status: The Philadelphia Vireo is not only uncommon in Nebraska, but throughout its range.

Fun Facts: Philidelphia Vireo’s can co-exist and flock together with Red-eyed Vireo’s by altering their behavior to exclude them and forage in areas the Red-eyed Vireo’s will not.

Philadelphia Vireo - photo by Phil Swanson 
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