Plumbeous Vireo

Vireo plumbeus
L 5 1/2″ (14 cm).

Song or calls:
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Song is hoarse, and similar to Cassin’s and Yellow-throated Vireo’s.

Description: Sexes similar. Dark gray above; pale gray below, with never more than a hint of yellow on sides; bold white spectacles; two bold white wing bars.

plumbeous vireo
Habitat: Found in ponderosa pine forests, or in transitional zone between pines and deciduous trees near water courses in canyon bottoms.

Where in Nebraska: Uncommon spring and fall migrant in western Nebraska. Rare summer resident and breeder in the Pine Ridge area, especially Sioux County.

Fun Facts: The Plumbeous Vireo was first by an ornithologist named Elliott Coues in 1866.

Additional Information: Once lumped together with Blue-headed and Cassin’s Vireos into one species, the Solitary Vireo.

Plumbeous Vireo - photo by Phil Swanson
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