What is Project Beak?

Project BEAK (Bird Education and Awareness for Kids) is an interactive, web-based curriculum and resource that contains information about bird conservation, bird adaptations, Nebraska’s unique bird diversity, and Nebraska’s threatened and endangered birds…plus video clips, interactive games, quizzes and diagrams, additional resources and links, and classroom lesson plans.  The vast content of the website is presented in modules, each containing subsections and assessment tools, which are targeted at the 5-8 grade level. However, anyone can glean information from the units.

Project Beak

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At the bottom of each BEAK page you will find a “contact us” button where you can record and submit comments and suggestions. We encourage you to explore the site and offer feedback.

Project BEAK was created by the Education Workgroup of the Nebraska Bird Partnership (NBP) with funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund (Nongame Check-off). The Education Workgroup, in cooperation with Nebraska Educational Television, designed and created Project BEAK. Members of the NBP Education Workgroup, including teachers, resource professionals, ornithologists, and Educational Service Unit (ESU) staff, assisted in the development and/ or reviewed content for Project BEAK. They include:

  • Amanda Filipi
  • Chris Thody
  • Deb Paulman
  • Diane Beachly
  • Ed Brogie
  • Ellen Brogie
  • Lee Brogie
  • Lisa Smith
  • Mark Brogie
  • Sheree Person-Pandil
  • Tom Malmstrom


Thanks to everyone who assisted in the development and management of the projectcCore team members:

  • Jeanine Lackey – USFWS, project leader and chair of the education workgroup
  • Michelle Koch – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC)
  • Lindsay Rogers – Lower Platte South NRD
  • Kelly Rezak – past coordinator-NBP
  • Jennifer Swerzcek – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC)

We would also like to acknowledge and thank:

  • Donna Schimonitz – NGPC, for her wonderful contributions of artwork
  • Sarah Johnson – NGPC, NebraskaLAND magazine photo librarian
  • Joel Jorgensen – NGPC, photo’s, video clips and comments
  • Mellisa Santiago – NGPC, reviewing content and comments
  • Ralph Wall – NGPC, reviewing video clips

The creative minds at Nebraska Educational Television (NETV) who made this project possible, kept everyone on track, and provided humor include:

NET staff:

  • Scott Leigh-Senior Producer/Webmaster
  • Rachel Carlson-Media Production Assistant
  • Stephen Exon-Web Supervisor
  • Thomas Floyd-Multimedia Graphic Designer
  • Kristi Koser-Multimedia Graphic Designer


  • Andy Frederick-Flash Programmer
  • Peg Sheldrick-Freelance Editor