Wood Stork

photo by Phil Swanson

Mycteria americana
L 40″ (102 cm) W 61″ (155 cm).

Song or calls:
Usually silent. Gives a harsh croak on nesting grounds.

Description: Sexes similar. White body with contrasting black flight feathers and tail; bald, blackish-gray head; long, dark legs with pinkish feet; long neck; dark, thick downcurved bill. Immature has yellow bill, and a feathered grayish-brown head.

Behavior: Forages in muddy water for fish, frogs, and water snakes.

Habitat: Wet meadows, tropical swamps and marshes, ponds, and coastal shallows.

Where in Nebraska: Accidental in summer. Documented reports near Fontenelle Forest in 1925 and near Ashland in 2006.

Fun Facts: They have been known to fly as high as 6000 feet and as far as 50 miles in search of food.

Additional Information: Formerly called the Wood Ibis.

Wood Stork - photo by Phil Swanson Wood Stork - photo by Phil Swanson

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