Pine Siskin

photo by Phil Swanson

Carduelis pinus
L 5″ (13 cm).

Song or calls:
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Rising “tsee,” and harsh “chee” in flight. Song is huskier version of American Goldfinch.

Description: Sexes similar. Brown above and pale below with prominent dark streaking overall. Yellow on wings and tail is conspicuous in flight; yellow undertail coverts. Two whitish wing bars; deeply notched tail. Bill is thinner than in other finches. Juvenile is similar to adults but has overall yellow tint.

pine siskin
Habitat: Migrants are found in both wooded and treeless areas, often feeding in small flocks on weed seeds. Breeding occurs in both coniferous and deciduous trees, and in ornamental plantings in diverse rural, suburban, and urban settings.

Where in Nebraska: Irregular but sometimes common spring and fall migrant and winter visitor across the state. Occasional summer resident.

Field Notes: Winter range is erratic. May flock with American Goldfinches in winter.

Fun Facts: Pine Grosbeak adults when breeding develop pouches to carry food to their young.

Pine Siskin - photo by Phil Swanson Pine Siskin - photo by Phil Swanson
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